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2016- Karen Parke.  

I am thankful for all the support I received from last years COB event.  I can report that I finally went in for surgery on February 22 and got a total hip replacement.  I lost a lot of blood during the operation and needed a replacement of 3 units.  I then went to ARC rehab in Bethlehem February to March 7th.  They have helped me to get up and start moving.  It is still difficult to walk with the walker but with current physical therapy I am strengthening my leg and learning to trust walking on that leg.  When reading Isaiah 40:30-31 during my morning devotion the words rang true in my heart.  'Even youths grow tired and weary, and young man stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.'. 
I appreciate all the help and support COB has offered to me and God bless all the people involved who commit their time and abilities to that great event and all the prep work that is put into it all year long.
Thank you
Your sister in Christ,  Karen Parke

2016 - Debbie Dawson 

Words are not adequate at a time like this to express my gratitude for all COB has done. Yes , the monetary sum was amazing and has met so many needs. Like  some of the others stories, needs that didn't arise until the money was in place. Medical needs for myself my daughter with fibromyalgia and my husband who suffered a stroke 3 days before my surgery in July of 2014 for Appendiceal Signet Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma Cancer. After which I suffered Kidney failure causing me to need dual nephrostomy bags for over 18 months .Due to the tubes in my kidneys I was hospitalized almost monthly from infections. ( my body was rejecting the foreign materials) Praise God my kidney blockages were miraculously healed and I no longer require tubes or bags. COB was with me through this walk and the love and support from many involved... Thank you Glen Kranzley for when I was scared and questioning  you said “God had put us together for a reason” Thank you to Pastor Theresa Martin and the wonderful congregation at St Johns. God Bless you all, too many to name. 

With a grateful heart,

Debbie Dawson 



2016 - The Millers, Travis, Megan, Little Travis, and Finn

It is hard to put into words how grateful we are to everyone who contributed to the COB benefit, from your thoughts and prayers to the incredible amount of money that was raised. Since Megan was pregnant, we knew that our son Finn was going to have medical issues, but we could never have imagined just how much he would go through.  From heart surgery at just 2 days old, many other surgeries during his 4 month NICU stay and throughout his life, and then the devastation when he was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a liver cancer which required surgery and chemotherapy at just 2 months old, life for us was very challenging and our days were often unpredictable. Our lives revolved around Finn's care and making sure we were supporting him as best we could as his parents.  That meant Megan not working and being by his side in the NICU.  Unfortunately, even when going through such a hard time, life goes on, and the bills keep coming in.  We have been so blessed with the most supportive friends and family, and hearing that a group of people who didn't even know us, wanted to help us in such a huge way, was incredible. Through some of our darkest days, we've been reminded of the kindness of others and how much good there is in this world.  Our hearts are truly full of gratitude for everyone who has helped our family, we can't thank you enough. Everyone from COB will always hold a very special place in our hearts, and we look forward to being a part of COB in the future and helping others in the many ways you have helped our family.


2015 - Aaron Kuhns & Family

 Aaron is doing great with his new chair. there are some positioning problems to be figured out, but overall good.  It is a feeling of independence for him to finally sit at the table to eat as a famiy He always had to eat somewhere else. Now he can also be included playing board games or just sitting with everyone talking.  Everday things people take for granted are things that mean a world of difference to others!

Thank You and God Bless,

Wendy Kuhns

2014 - Tom Williams & Family

My husband, Tom Williams, and I were recipients of the 2014 Community Outreach Benefit. When Tom was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, then had a stroke and needed carotid artery surgery, to say we were shell-shocked would be an understatement.   The entire parish community of St. John’s embraced us in our pain.  We thank the COB team and the many volunteers for their kindness.  Their love was in every detail.  To find blessings in difficult times can sometimes be challenging.  The COB team made it very easy to see the many gifts that surround us.  The Community Outreach Benefit is a beautiful testimony to living out the call of Jesus.   Each and every one of you will always be in our deepest prayers. 

2014- Donna Caswell

Dear COB members and participants,
What a wonderful thing it is you do for the community. By word of mouth, we heard of your impressive program and were very blessed to have been chosen as a recipient.  One of the hardest things I've had to do since my illness is to let myself ask for help. Community Outreach Program never made me feel embarrassed or needy.  Thank you every COB member, volunteers, block party patrons, and any one else who may have had a hand in this project.  The money came at the best time possible, our car would not pass inspection, so we were able to replace it and not have a monthly payment. (What a life saver).  At this time I am recovering from a total knee replacement that should eliminate the pain that has kept me from walking over the last year. Of course there was a complication that sent me to University of Pennsylvania for 4 days and then to a rehab facility for 3 weeks. I am home now and looking forward to trying to get back to walking.  Thank you, thank you, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and effort you all put out to achieve this goal of helping people.  
Sincerely, Donna Caswell

2013- Van Vliet Family

We are so blessed to have been part of COB.  Shelby has been able to go to all her doctor appointments without being in pain.  To be part of the COB family has changed our lives  It is incredible to watch Shelby sit in her van with a huge smile on her face because she can enjoy the ride without anything hurting.  I am so thankful for everything that all of our friends and family at COB has helped us with.  We love you all!!

Sincerely, Linda, Ryan, Shelby and Devan


2013-Rabenold Family

The last 20 years of our lives have been challenging, and without the support of COB, I truly believe that we would have sunk.  With your support, I have been able to pay bills on time, feed my family without needing the full support of my kids and have that weight off my shoulders.  From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU and ALL THE MEMBERS OF COB for your very generous gift.  Thank you so much for everything you have done.  Mark and Karen Rabenold and Family

2012 - Libby and Antonio Limon Cavatalo

Dear Saint John's UCC Church, COB organization and Coopersburg Community,

Thank you for choosing Antonio Limon Cavataio for the outreach program. Your generosity has helped tremendously. The COB program is a wonderful one. I would like to help out with it in the future if possible. You can count on my family to be there every summer to support other families in need. Thanks again. Antonio is now two years old. He walks now. He is still on a feeding bag and oxygen at night. He is delayed a little with his speech but is learning sign language. He is otherwise a normal two year old boy who gives me lots of gray hair! Once again thank you so much.


2012- Jason, Jackie, Mary Frances, Catherine, Rebecca, Sarah, Thomas, and Joanna Scheidel

A benefit like the Community Outreach Benefit does so much more than allocate assistance after medical hardship- it is a witness from the community in Christ that we are not alone.  Jason and I took such pride in working to support our six beautiful children and believe in sharing all that we have to those around us.  When Joanna was born and required complete life support for weeks, followed by weeks of moderate support and care in the NICU, it became quickly obvious that we were facing something that we would not be able to recover from quickly.  This was followed by the discovery of significant heart damage that would require lifelong care to keep her alive and growing.  Our only instinct at that time was to love and care for all of six of our children.  When we finally were able to bring our beautiful daughter home, the reality of what medical conditions and emergency care can cost hit us hard.  Every little thing from medication, equipment, copays, cost of travel, etc added onto the already spread budget for a family of eight.  
We were only sure of doing our best and getting through each day- everything else was uncertain.  When Reverend Rick called, I didn't even know what to say.  Even more than the generosity, the fact that this group reached out to help a family gave us such a sense of reassurance. Our goal was always to carry our family through this as gracefully as possible.  COB helped cover so many expenses that had built up.  Joanna's care and journey are going to be long-term and it is a journey we feel so grateful to be on.  We are blessed to be her parents, and we are blessed to have the support of our community.  Our children have learned so much from Joanna and from the path that has brought us to where we are today. 
We had spent so much time teaching our children to serve and this was such a beautiful testament that sometimes we are called to be the ones receiving the service of others. 

2011 - Connie Williams
"Thank you so much for giving of yourselves and for the check. You do so much for our community. Give God the glory"

2009 - Ben Rabenold | The Rabenold Family
"For the past 15 years, our family has been silently challenged with Ben's medical conditions. Very few people knew what we were dealing with, other than our immediate family. It wasn't until I was able to go back to work, that I opened up to others and was able to tell them about our daily life. It if wasn't for Caroline Frantz, this wonderful opportunity would have never happened to our family. 2009 has been bittersweet for the Rabenold family.
The bitter part of the year occurred when Mark and I experienced our own health problems. Mine happened in February and set me back for a few months. Mark's illness began in May and has been a life-changing experience for him and our family. At this time, Mark has not been able to work due to his kidney disease. The sweet part of this year was the gift from Community Outreach Benefit and the team. This gift could not have come at a more needed time . We want to THANK YOU for your friendship, prayers and the wonderful gift that will never be forgotten or taken for granted"

2009- Sherry Luvender on Behalf of the late Jack Luvender
"Thank you so much to everyone who gave their time and service to reach out and help our family through the COB Benefit in our great time of need. Jack fought as hard as he could but could wait no longer for a liver transplant. God had other plans. Losing him was catastrophic to our family yet God provided for our every need. You have helped us during a most difficult time to supply the money need to pay the many hospital bills and other household expenses that were piling up while Jack was ill. God worked through you to help us through these rough waters."

2005 - Sue Washko and Husband Dan
"Dan and I are very grateful for all that St. John's has done for us. Since the benefit, I had been doing well until last month when I was hospitalized with congestive heart failure. While I was in the hospital, I was thinking a lot about COB and the wonderful support I received. I shared my COB story with the nurses and they were so impressed. They said is was the most beautiful thing they had ever heard."

2005- Reller Thomas & Wife Mitzi
"Reller's transplanted kidney continues to function perfectly. Even though his doctors are puzzled by his blood sugars, his transplanted pancreas is producing great amounts of sugar. Your amazing spirit of "Community Outreach" has enabled us to be current in all our finances, and for this we are truly grateful."

2004- Lori Hersh
" I've been doing very well since the benefit. My doctors from New York have given me a clean bill of health with my amalyoidosis, although I have started on dialysis at night-time so I can work part time during the day. I've even gone back to school to become a real estate appraiser. I feel very blessed. The help and support from COB really lifted me and my family back up when we needed it. Now my family and I want to give back through COB."

2003 - John & Kay Zinn
"In 2003 we had problems paying for prescription drugs for a kidney transplant. The amount of money raised by COB helped us to get back on our feet financially so that we could live normal lives. We are so grateful to COB, St. John's UCC and our community for the help they gave us that day."

2002 - Recipient Rob Graves on behalf of the late Michelle Graves
"I will never forget sitting at home after spending a hot day in the parking lot of the church. I was totally exhausted, but elated at the same time. We felt so overwhelmed with the love shown not in words, but in deeds. All the people that worked so hard and did so much just for us left us staggered and numb. It wasn't about the money raised, but the fact that people cared enough to labor under the hot sun for hours for our benefit. It is still unbelievable." Michelle lost her 25 year battle with Lupus on May 8, 2005, but is now home with the Lord and free from all pain and suffering."

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